Arabic Language Databases

Data collection and archiving in organized databases is one of the important strategic works that the King Salman Global Academy for the Arabic Language is working on, believing in the importance of information, documenting and making it available to those who want it. This project seeks to enhance the reference of the King Salman Global Academy for the Arabic Language locally, regionally and internationally in linguistic matters, provide data that serve Arabic and those interested in it, support language planning and formulate language policies according to statistics and data available in the rules, enhance scientific and research mobility in the Arabic language and its related matters, document efforts to serve and disseminate the Arabic language and obtaining numbers and data that can be invested economically or scientifically. The project aims to build a system of databases that join forces to serve Arabic and provide essential information that gives a perception about the current reality, and contributes to the cumulative serving of Arabic language according to three main areas:

1. A database of Arabic language that includes comprehensive data about:

A- Arabic Speakers.

B- Specialists.

C- Institutions.

D- Educational Resources.

E- Plans and Programs.

F- Conferences and Seminars.

G- Scientific Messages.

H- Dictionaries.

2. Digital Arabic Content Database, which includes: 

A- Content in the Internet and in digital communication networks.

B- Digital content through applications (computers and smartphones.)

C- digital media content (newspapers and radio stations.)

3. Language Initiatives Database, including : Arab and international language initiatives.

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