Arabic Language Exhibition

The King Salman Global Academy for the Arabic Language works to a public face of the Arabic language (Arabic Language Exhibition), and aims to make the exhibition a means of bringing the language closer to the public and making it an integral part of the Arab identity.
The Academy began laying down the outlines of the exhibition, and conceptualizing the exhibition’s shape, size, target audience, nature and type of exhibits.
The primary objective of the Academy is to preserve the Arabic language, and to be a leading global reference point in the field of the Arabic language and its various applications. Within the field of cultural focus, and to approach the general linguistic audience, the Academy will establish this exhibition with the aim of promoting the appreciation and recognition of the Arabic language by showing historical exhibits related to the language and its development. The program aims to meet the needs of a wide audience interested in the Arabic language and Saudi culture. Transforming the Arabic language into interesting and useful exhibits that enhance the status of the Arabic language, as well as displaying artifacts.
The Academy will also create a virtual exhibition through a dedicated online portal. Also, it will establish a mobile exhibition to be displayed temporarily in institutions, libraries, schools, universities, book fairs, and other public places.

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