Arabic Language Index and Annual Report

Objective indicators that include quantitative and qualitative data that represent the status of the Arabic language in its local, regional and international context.

Arabic Language Databases

Databases that serve the Arabic language and those interested in it, and support the formulation of policies and language planning.

Spreading Linguistic Knowledge

This initiative aims to contribute to the dissemination of linguistic knowledge in a substantial manner, as it works on a number of substantial  projects in language planning, including: Building an indicator for the Arabic language that includes quantitative and qualitative data capable of representing the status of the Arabic language in its local, regional and […]

Building and Activating Language Policies and Standards

Building language policies represents a major and methodological step for managing and directing the linguistic situation, and based on this, the Academy has developed a strategic vision to work on building and activating language policies in different tracks.At the national level, some research initiatives arise to monitor and study language policy, in addition to developing […]

Pioneering Arabic Linguistic Thinking Globally

From the central strategic objectives of the Academy, comes the initiative of pioneering Arabic linguistic thinking globally to work on developing linguistic thinking that is reflected in linguistic studies and research related to the Arabic language and through a number of projects, most notably the establishment of the research track, which aims to support scientific […]