Developing an Educational Curriculum and Advanced Courses to Teach the Arabic Language


In this project, the Academy aims to develop a distinctive methodology for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, and to set standards for learning Arabic for non-native speakers to be an authority in preparing the curriculum, which is one of the project’s outputs. In addition to guides for teachers that include a theoretical framework for teaching the second language, and instructions for classroom activities and extra-curricular activities, and the use of educational aids, methods of evaluation, and the like. The project also aims to design courses to teach Arabic to non-native speakers for different levels of language proficiency, in addition to curricula for teaching Arabic for special purposes (such as teaching Arabic to diplomats, tourists, and student exchange programs). 


Preparing a modern curriculum focusing on oral communication and teaching tools (adaptive learning, AR, VR and MOOC) and setting standards for teaching Arabic as a foreign language (TAFL). 

Secondary initiatives:


Offering workshops to raise the level of learning and teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers in all its fields, while providing ways and acquiring new skills and opportunities, which are presented by specialists internally and externally.

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