The Academy was established as one of the initiatives of (Capacity Development Program), one of the programs of His Highness the Crown Prince’s vision 2030 and its organizational chart was issued by the Prime Minister’s decision No. 34, dated 01/13/1442 H corresponding to 1 September 2020

  • Vision: Leadership and global authority in the service of the Arabic language.

  • Message: Serving the Arabic language globally, enhancing its civilizational, scientific and cultural contribution, and its capabilities by various means.

  • Preserving the integrity of the Arabic language; supporting its spoken and written word; examining its eloquence, origins, methods, vocabulary, and rules; facilitating its learning and teaching inside and outside the Kingdom; staying abreast with every change in all spheres of the Arabic language. 

  • Unifying the scientific authority internally regarding the Arabic language and its sciences and working to achieve this externally.

  • Achieving the appropriate environment for the development and consolidation of the Arabic language.

  • Work to spread the use of the Arabic language, monitoring the soundness of its uses in various fields.

  • Reviving the heritage of the Arabic language by studying, editing, and publishing.

  • Working on reviewing and publishing linguistic studies and references.

  • Encouraging scholars, researchers, and specialists of the Arabic language.

  • Developing policies, strategies, plans and programs.

  • Drafting laws and regulations related to its competencies, amending existing ones, and submitting a request to complete the statutory procedures in this regard.

  • Conducting studies and research, and publishing books related to its objectives and competencies.

  • Issuing periodic reports on the status of the Arabic language and its indicators.

  • Issuing dictionaries, approving and updating linguistic terms, publishing them through various means, and circulating them to government agencies.

  • Encouraging the conduct of research and studies related to the Arabic language.

  • Contributing to the work of Arabization and translation from and into the Arabic language.

  • Building and applying Arabic language tests, in coordination with the relevant authorities.

  • Building curricula, tools and methods for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, and designing and implementing educational and training programs to enrich Arabic language skills.

  • Developing appropriate means to serve the Arabic language, including specialized programs and laboratories, and employing artificial intelligence and audio techniques, modern learning tools, and the like.

  • Supporting the presence of the Arabic language and promoting its use in international bodies, organizations and events, through launching programs and initiatives, and the like.

  • Enriching the Arabic content, through various means, in a way that contributes to raising its scientific and media level.

  • Motivating and supporting Arab content makers, through the establishment of programs and accelerators affiliated to the association in partnership with the private sector, and providing support for existing programs and accelerators.

  • Providing services in the fields related to the Arabic language.

  • Contributing to archiving and digitizing, and publishing manuscripts in fields related to the Arabic language.

  • Developing appropriate plans to replace other languages with the Arabic language ​​in various fields, follow up on their implementation, and facilitate what is required to complete its procedures.

  • Issuing scientific journals to publish researches and refereed studies related to the Arabic language  in order to achieve its objectives.

  • Establishing centers inside and outside the Kingdom to teach the Arabic language after coordination with the relevant authorities, and in accordance with the procedures followed.

  • Creating databases to serve the purposes related to its fields of work.

  • Holding scientific competitions in the Arabic language and its sciences.

  • Representing the Kingdom in regional and international bodies, organizations and events in accordance with the established procedures.

  • Organizing exhibitions, conferences and work sessions related Arabic language, in accordance with the legal procedures.

  • Cooperating and coordinating with academies, linguistic and terminological bodies and other scientific bodies inside and outside the Kingdom, in areas that are consistent with its objectives.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Academy is His Highness, the Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Farhan Al Saud.
The Secretary-General of the Academy is His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Washmi.

The Academy is working temporarily in the Digital City in Riyadh, and you can find the location via the link below:


The Academy has four main sectors, and in each sector there is a group of businesses, and the sectors are:

  • Language Planning and Policy Sector.

  • Computational Linguistics Sector.

  • Educational Programs Sector.

  • Cultural Programs Sector.

The Academy does not currently offer scholarships directly, but the Academy has a set of training programs, incentive programs, grants, and research programs, which it offers in partnership with bodies inside and outside Saudi Arabia, and the Academy is also working on establishing educational institutes that will be announced later on its website.

There are currently no membership programs in the Academy, but the Academy offers its services to everyone, and it is possible that all speakers of Arabic as a first or second language benefit from the services of the King Salman Global Academy for the Arabic Language.

Yes, and because the Academy is a global assembly, the non-Arabic speaking people have a special interest in the assembly with multiple initiatives and projects, training and research, which will be announced on the website, and other services are provided in general that are not specific to Arabs.

The nature of the projects, and their implementation vary, and you can view the announced programs and projects, communication mechanisms, and ways to benefit.

The Academy is an entity concerned with supporting and serving the language globally, and enhancing its civilizational, scientific and cultural contribution, and its capabilities by various means, and not an entity providing ordinary services to individuals.

Nevertheless, the Academy has projects to provide language services to individuals, which will be announced on its website, including Language Consultant.

The organizational chart of the Academy provides for the possibility of opening branches, work is in progress and plans are drawn up for this.

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