King Salman Global Academy Award for Arabic Language Service

In the spirit of encouraging workers and appreciating their efforts in the field of the Arabic language, and to achieve the goals of the Academy in advancing, disseminating and using the Arabic language in public life, and facilitating its learning and teaching at the local and international levels, came the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Global Academy for the Arabic Language Award.


The General Vision of The Award:

Achieving excellence and creativity in encouraging interest in the Arabic language and honoring individuals, institutions, initiatives and projects that support the Arabic language locally and globally.


Award Objectives:

1. Confirming the Kingdom’s strategic role in all issues related to the Arabic language.

2. Enhancing the role and status of the Arabic language in the minds of its speakers and those interested in it.

3. Maintaining the integrity of the Arabic language and supporting it in all its skills and elements.

4. Encouraging and honoring those interested and specialists to contribute to the development of the Arabic language.

5. Strengthening and enriching the Arabic knowledge content.

6. Raising awareness of the role of the Arabic language and the status it occupies in reality.

The Target Audience:

The award will be directed to local, regional and international audiences, and include individuals and institutions.

Award Tracks:

The award will be on two tracks:

– Award for Individuals who served the Arabic language.

– Award for institutions that served the Arabic language.

In each of these two branches, four Awards are presented in different branches of knowledge.

Award Branches:

1. The efforts of individuals and institutions in teaching and learning the Arabic language.

2. The efforts of individuals and institutions in computerizing the Arabic language.

3. Efforts of individuals and institutions in Arabic language research and scientific studies.

4. Efforts of individuals and institutions in spreading linguistic awareness and creating language community initiatives.

Award Value:

– For individuals, 200 thousand Saudi riyals for the winner in each branch.

– For institutions, 200 thousand Saudi riyals for the winning institution in each branch.

Award Cycles:

The award is an annual award, its announcement coincides with the International Day of the Arabic Language, December 18th.

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