Public Relations Campaign

One of the Academy’s strategic objectives is to enhance the status of the Arabic language, enhance the sense of belonging to it, and the accompanying feeling of pride.

The Academy has its usual media activity aimed at communicating with the public and the relevant authorities, but it realizes that its media message goes beyond the usual media communication of institutions (aimed at marketing the institution) to communication aimed at marketing (the image of the Arabic language).

This comes in the context of awareness that the Arabic language is the responsibility of everyone and not the responsibility of an individual or an institution, and that its message is a message related to identity in general, and that it permeates all aspects of life, and in all institutions and bodies.

This will be represented in a set of media campaigns that go beyond the usual media activity, as the Academy designed an independent initiative for (media campaigns for the Arabic language) and made it one of its activities. The media campaigns aim to enhance the Academy’s presence locally and globally, publicize the Arabic language, its global day, challenges and opportunities for individuals, entities, and investors, and marketing its image through its various applications and uses in all areas of life.

Also, these campaigns will implement several activities that serve Arabic learners and those interested in it.
Media campaigns are not limited to the inside, but extend to the outside through various means of promotion and publicity, by holding assemblies, scientific seminars, panel discussions, competitions, training courses, and participation in traditional and new media.

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