The Academy’s Annual Conference

Leadership in linguistic planning and language policy is among the strategic pillars of the Academy, and among its most prominent activities is the establishment of an annual conference for the Arabic language. In reference to the status of the Academy, which stems from the status of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Arab and Islamic worlds, it seeks to hold substantial conferences that differ from the usual topics that academic and scientific bodies hold to address fundamental issues of legal capacity, including the presence of the Arabic language in international organizations, which is the target topic. For the first conference of the Academy.

The conference seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. Familiarize the efforts of international organizations in the linguistic field and benefit from the various experiences to support the Arabic language.

2. Explore the reality of the Arabic language in international organizations and learn the most prominent obstacles and needs to enable it and support its presence in international organizations.

3. Coordination and integration of efforts to serve the Arabic language in international organizations.

4. Presenting initiatives and projects to serve the Arabic language in international organizations.


The team has completed the development of the strategic vision for the conference, and its administrative and technical coordination is underway.

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