The SEU and King Salman International Complex for the Arabic Language sign a memorandum of understanding

The Saudi Electronic University and the King Salman International Complex for the Arabic Language have signed today a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, spreading its culture and developing related technologies, and cooperating in the field of university education, e-training and knowledge production, dissemination, and application, at the university’s headquarters in Riyadh.

The Saudi Electronic University was represented in signature by its president, Dr. Laylak Ahmed Al-Safadi, while the complex was represented by the Secretary-General in charge of the King Salman International Complex for the Arabic Language, Dr. Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Washmi.

The memorandum aims to frame cooperation projects in the field of education and training that can be embodied on the ground to allow knowledge exchange between the two parties, and to employ the university’s educational platform to serve cooperation projects agreed upon by the two parties, in addition to providing an educational, training and technical environment that encourages creativity and supports excellence in the scientific and applied aspect.

The memorandum identified four main areas of cooperation between the two parties: benefiting from the experiences of both parties in using modern information technology in computing and language applications, cooperating in studies, research and scientific publishing, designing electronic training content and providing educational and training programs.

Al-Washmi explained that the memorandum directly aims to deepen the cultural influence of the Arabic language and increase the spread of Arabic content and cultural exchange in the world to include the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arabic culture in the world.

For her part, Dr. Al-Safadi explained that the memorandum comes within the framework of embodying cooperation, training and knowledge-exchange projects between the two sides in common areas, stressing the importance of the agreement as it comes at the stage in which we celebrate the Arabic language on its international day.

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