Training Courses for Teachers of Arabic to Non-Native Speakers


In this project, the Academy aims to qualify distinguished competencies in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, by providing quality courses inside and outside Saudi Arabia, provided by academics who are experts in applied linguistics. These courses aim to develop the skills of Arabic language teachers, and provide them with the necessary capabilities to teach Arabic efficiently, in various fields (Preparing/authoring materials for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, making dictionaries, language planning, technical applications in the educational process, and principles of language acquisition, language tests, preparing educational materials, etc.)


Developing the skills of teachers of Arabic for non-native speakers.

Secondary initiatives:

Diploma in Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages

It includes building standards for the skills of teachers of Arabic to non-native speakers and the appropriate mechanisms to measure teachers’ mastery of those skills when building a professional program, which aims to:

– Provide these skills for teachers who have no previous experience.

– Develop those skills for teachers with limited experience, and award a certificate in the name of the Academy for those who meet the requirements of the program.

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