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KSGAAL Gears to Launch Arabic AI Center

King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language (KSGAAL) is preparing to launch the first Artificial Intelligence center specialized in Arabic Natural Language Processing (NLP). The Arabic AI Center will be a hub that provides services to everyone interested in the Arabic language in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. 
The Arabic AI Center will make a significant impact by driving several of KSGAAL’s core objectives in the field of computational linguistics. KSGAAL aims to actively integrate modern technologies with the Arabic language to build applications, tools, and software, utilizing these technologies to serve and preserve the Arabic language amidst the tech-related expansion other languages are undergoing. KSGAAL also aims to achieve global leadership in linguistic corpora and Arabic dictionaries and enhance AI adoption in language processing, locally and abroad.
The Arabic AI Center consists of five central laboratories: the AI Lab, the Data Formatting and Linguistic Resource Building Lab, the Audiovisual Lab, the VR and AR Lab, and the Researchers Lab.
Through its functions, the center will offer a range of services, including providing AI-based technical and linguistic consultancy in Arabic language processing, specialized seminars and courses, and paid licenses for researchers. The center will also actively support research studies that align with its objectives and contribute to data annotation for joint research.
By launching the Arabic AI Center, KSGAAL reaffirms its strategic role in supporting the Arabic language across all levels as part of its mission to invest in serving the language, particularly in areas related to NLP and applications, as well as language processing and generation. The goal is to keep the Arabic language relevant and competitive in the AI field.