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Back KSGAAL Holds Panel Discussion on Arabic Language Index

KSGAAL Holds Panel Discussion on Arabic Language Index

King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language (KSGAAL) is organizing a panel discussion titled "Arabic Language Index: Concept, Challenges, and Achievements 2023" on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. The event will be attended by language experts and representatives of relevant authorities as part of KSGAAL's ongoing efforts to preserve and enhance the Arabic language and disseminate linguistic proficiency in line with the goals of the Human Capability Development Program, one of Saudi Vision 2030’s realization programs.

The discussion will address the launch of the Arabic Language Index worldwide, introducing its objectives and the project’s end-to-end development process from concept to publication. It will also facilitate a comparative analysis between the Arabic Language Index and similar indexes in other languages.

KSGAAL aims to establish an indicator for the Arabic language as a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative tool to monitor and measure the current state of the Arabic language globally and publish periodic reports. The index will offer analytical insights into key linguistic issues across various domains such as education, communication, knowledge production, the economics of language, and technology to enhance the status of the Arabic language regionally and globally.

The Arabic Language Index will be an invaluable resource for researchers, experts, linguists, and anyone interested in the intersection of language with the variable aspects of life. It will also support stakeholders, including executives, investors, and decision-makers in outlining linguistic policies locally and globally and planning and implementing policies that enhance investment opportunities in the knowledge economy.

Through its diverse linguistic initiatives and programs, KSGAAL seeks to preserve the status and linguistic identity of the Arabic language, support its spoken and written word, and spread its use globally.