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Back KSGAAL Launches Siwar Linguistic Dictionaries Platform

KSGAAL Launches Siwar Linguistic Dictionaries Platform

King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language (KSGAAL) introduced the Siwar platform for linguistic dictionaries at the LEAP 24 conference. Siwar is specifically crafted to compile and manage dictionaries, employing cutting-edge scientific methodologies tailored for creating Arabic dictionaries. By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, the platform facilitates advanced searches within Arabic dictionaries, streamlines the writing, publishing, and management processes for lexicographers, and supports the study of lexical and semantic phenomena for scholars and enthusiasts.

Siwar platform currently hosts ten Arabic dictionaries, offering access to over 180,000 dictionary entries. The platform’s architecture integrates AI, streamlining and expediting the compilation process. This includes automating tasks such as extracting potential word conjugations and identifying root words. Additionally, users benefit from advanced search functionalities on the platform, such as root and etymology searches, semantic searches, and potential future enhancements. Users have complete control over the workflow of the compilation process, enabling lexicographers to manage their teams and delegate tasks seamlessly, from editing to final approval.

The platform offers lexicologists access to various reports and dictionary user statistics. This includes comprehensive monitoring searches for words that do not exist in the dictionary and reporting words. Additionally, users can enrich the dictionaries by suggesting to include new terms, which authors can then choose to accept, modify, or discard.

KSGAAL has enriched the Siwar platform with a robust linguistic toolkit, providing comprehensive access to an extensive collection of Arabic dictionaries. This platform facilitates a deep understanding of word connotations across various dictionaries and fields. Siwar also aids in translation, allowing users to seamlessly translate words, phrases, and terminologies to and from Arabic. It enables the search for foreign expressions and their translations through the platform's available dictionaries. Siwar focuses on enhancing lexical richness with diverse and precise vocabulary, enabling users to explore synonyms or analogous terms while showing semantic relationships among words. Siwar platform provides diverse educational lexical resources to enhance users' verbal proficiency. Its interface features a user-friendly design, incorporating well-organized menus and tools that streamline access to word information. Users can effortlessly search for a word using its part of speech, meaning, or by exploring its semantic field. Users can personalize their searches by selecting one or more dictionaries or tailoring the displayed word information to align with their preferences.

KSGAAL invites language lexicographers, researchers, and enthusiasts from various domains to enrich the platform's dictionary collection and enable the development of new features, ultimately elevating Siwar's scholarly and practical significance. Siwar platform allows open access by facilitating the unrestricted publication of dictionaries while ensuring full ownership rights for contributors. To empower aspiring lexicographers, the platform offers a dedicated monthly introductory course specifically tailored for anyone interested in publishing their dictionaries.

Through diverse linguistic initiatives, programs, and projects, KSGAAL is dedicated to preserving the integrity and cultural identity of the Arabic language. This dedication extends to supporting both its spoken and written forms, facilitating its teaching and learning endeavors across the Kingdom and abroad. KSGAAL also aims to enhance the Arabic language’s civilizational, scientific, and cultural contribution. To this end, KSGAAL is constantly expanding its resources to keep pace with the needs of everyone, from general users to academic researchers, by introducing new dictionaries and computational research tools in line with Saudi Vision 2030's Human Capability Development Program (HCDP).