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Back KSGAAL Closes Nomination for Third Edition of King Salman Global Academy Award

KSGAAL Closes Nomination for Third Edition of King Salman Global Academy Award

King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language (KSGAAL) announced the closing of the nomination period for the third edition of the King Salman Global Academy Award for Arabic Language Service. Open to individuals and institutions worldwide, this 64-day nomination period aimed to recognize their instrumental efforts in promoting, preserving, and supporting the Arabic language.
This award is a testament to the unwavering support and dedication of His Highness Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud to KSGAAL's comprehensive activities, programs, and initiatives, promoting the Arabic language both locally and globally. The award recognizes the invaluable contributions made by individuals and institutions working in the field of the Arabic language, honoring those who made remarkable achievements and recognizing those working in Arabic-related fields. This ensures a prosperous future for the Arabic language by elevating its prominence among world languages, reinforcing its intellectual content, and raising awareness of its eminence and lasting legacy. 
One of KSGAAL's strategic initiatives, the award aims to bolster the Arabic language and its global presence, in line with the objectives of the Human Capability Development Program under Saudi Vision 2030. The award categories are divided into four branches: contributions in teaching and learning the Arabic language, contributions in computerizing the Arabic language, Arabic language research and scientific studies, and spreading linguistic awareness and creating language community initiatives.
The award received numerous nominations that were screened through a rigorous selection process. Ultimately, 60 individuals from 20 countries were shortlisted for the final round. Representing the individuals category across all four award branches, these finalists are researchers, authors, writers, specialists, and dedicated language enthusiasts who have made significant intellectual contributions to the Arabic language locally and internationally. Additionally, 65 institutions from 19 countries advanced to the final round in the institutions category. This diverse group encompasses universities, organizations, research centers, and other entities dedicated to Arabic language development. These finalists have demonstrated exceptional contributions through innovative programs, projects, and products that significantly impact the Arabic language landscape. The total prize pool for both individual and institutional winners is SAR 1,600,000.
A distinguished international panel of experts assessed the nominations. The judging process unfolded in three sequential stages: initial screening and selection, scholarly review, and final decision. Submissions were evaluated against stringent criteria encompassing creativity and innovation, excellence in production, inclusivity and broad dissemination,  and effectiveness and achieved impact.
King Salman Global Academy Award for Arabic Language Service underscores Saudi Arabia's strategic commitment to advancing the Arabic language. This prestigious award empowers KSGAAL's mission to seize opportunities to serve the Arabic language, preserve its integrity, and promote its widespread use in spoken and written forms. It also helps enhance the global prominence of the language, raise awareness of its significance, and foster new research, publications, and initiatives across diverse Arabic language domains, thereby enriching the global knowledge content.