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Back KSGAAL Launches New Educational YouTube Channel for Kids

KSGAAL Launches New Educational YouTube Channel for Kids

King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language (KSGAAL) has launched its new YouTube educational channel, “Arabic for the World for Kids.” The channel, which offers a new model of engaging visual learning, delivers modern and accessible Arabic educational content through captivating graphics, offering children a fun way to explore the wonders of the Arabic language.

The channel utilizes short, engaging, and educational videos to provide a high-quality learning experience for Arab immigrants and non-native speakers' children from 5 to 12 years old, making the Arabic language accessible to the target audience in several ways.

The channel aims to teach children the sound, form, and name of Arabic letters. Also, it assists them in distinguishing visually similar letters, those with comparable pronunciations, and those uncommon to other languages. They can develop a keen awareness of Arabic's unique phonetic structure. Children can also learn a range of commonly used words and phrases, such as numbers, colors, and words related to nature and the environment. The channel enables children to develop their communication skills by helping them use personal pronouns and adjectives to express their needs and emotions while mastering sentence structures. The channel fosters descriptive language abilities, encouraging young learners to vividly express their ideas in words. Ultimately, children will be able to listen, speak, understand, and read Arabic texts suitable for their age and educational level. Furthermore, the YouTube channel enhances children's awareness of Arabic pronunciation and teaches them to read Arabic poetry and recognize common poetic structures. It also enriches cultural understanding through language, providing age-appropriate content that enhances their background knowledge and fosters a profound connection to Arabic culture.

“Arabic for the World for Kids” - accessible on YouTube: introduces content developed in collaboration with an elite group of Saudi experts specialized in teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers. The channel offers a variety of educational videos across several categories, such as "Let's Pronounce Arabic Letters," "Arabic Songs," "How Do I Express…," "Exploring Nature," "Fahd and Farah's Adventures," "Poetry Time," "Special Family Time," and "Storyteller's Corner.” The channel features a distinctive and engaging visual identity.

KSGAAL  is a global reference in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Through its projects, initiatives, products, applications, and innovative educational methodology, KSGAAL stands out, providing world-class education. This aligns with its strategic goals to preserve the integrity and identity of the Arabic language, support its usage in spoken and written form, and facilitate its teaching and learning within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.