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Back KSGAAL Wraps up Participation in the Beijing International Book Fair 2024

KSGAAL Wraps up Participation in the Beijing International Book Fair 2024

King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language (KSGAAL) concluded its participation in the 2024 Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), held in cooperation with the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission at the China National Convention Center. KSGAAL joined the five-day event as part of Saudi Arabia’s pavilion, where the Kingdom was a Guest of Honor at BIBF 2024.

During the event, KSGAAL launched a significant project on the Arabic language in China. The initiative involves translating some of KSGAAL’s publications into Chinese, including ‘100 Questions about the Arabic Language,’ ‘Guide to Arabic Language Culture for Non-Arabic Speakers,’ and ‘Guide for Non-native Arabic Language Learners.’ The project also aims to prepare guides about scholars, institutions, and universities concerned with the Arabic language in China and to publish a book with multiple volumes covering the history, present, and future of the Arabic language in China, efforts for teaching it, and a series of scientific books about the Arabic language. 
KSGAAL organized the Saudi-Chinese Linguistic Forum in collaboration with the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission. This cultural forum featured a seminar titled ‘Arabic and Chinese Language: History and Relations,’ which consisted of two sessions: ‘The Arabic Language and Cultural Communication’ and ‘Arabic and Chinese Linguistic Cross-Influence,’ which explored loanwords and linguistic phenomena.

KSGAAL’s participation in the Saudi pavilion at the BIBF 2024, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture, is aligned with its efforts to introduce its projects and programs for disseminating the Arabic language and teaching it to non-native speakers inside and outside the Kingdom. It also highlights its commitment to Arabic language education for non-native speakers, emphasizing Saudi Arabia's contributions to Arabic language service and its sciences worldwide. Ultimately, this initiative elevates the Arabic language and culture status, promotes and enriches Arabic content, and fosters greater awareness of the Arabic language among Chinese and international attendees at the BIBF 2024.