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Contemporary Arabic Language Corpus

The Computational Linguistics sector seeks to enhance linguistic resources that contribute to accelerating the pace of scientific research in the Arabic language, and raising the reliability of its scientific methodologies, by providing reliable linguistic sources for use and analysis. Linguistic corpora are one of the highly reliable methodological sources in scientific research of languages, and one of the important requirements for building artificial intelligence techniques, with its accurate building standards, and linguistic content that can be highly relied on in linguistic representation.
Within the scope of computing the Arabic language, there is an urgent need to have linguistic data of high quality and a large size commensurate with the functions and tasks for which these data are intended. The Contemporary Arabic Language Corpus projectseeks to be one of the reputable linguistic resources to facilitate the employment of artificial intelligence, build computer applications, monitor linguistic phenomena and analyze language through a specialized electronic platform that facilitates research, retrieval and analysis, and is beneficial to training and testing artificial intelligence models.

Corpus Objectives:
1.       Building a Linguistic Resource: That represents the contemporary Arabic language, built according to specific design criteria.
2.       Support of Linguistic Research: Tools for searching and extracting information in an easy way for the researcher of linguistic phenomena.
3.       Facilitating the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence: To build smart tools and computer models based on the corpus.