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Contemporary Arabic Lexicon

Within its initiatives, the sector works on building linguistic dictionaries of multiple forms and uses, such as general and specialized dictionaries, contemporary and historical dictionaries, and paper and electronic dictionaries. It also aims to provide it to applications via APIs. Moreover, the sector aims to support and encourage the dictionary industry by providing the necessary equipment, such as linguistic corpora and tools for analysis and research, as well as computer technologies that support the construction and use of electronic dictionaries such as meaning networks, morphological analysis, automatic extraction of lexical assets, and others.

In the first projects of the Academy in this field, it is building a high-quality Contemporary Arabic Lexicon based on scientific corpora in order to serve the Arab reader, learner and researcher in computational linguistics and to employ the lexicon in building techniques based on artificial intelligence.

Lexicon Objectives:
1-      Building a Linguistic Resource: That represents the vocabulary of the contemporary Arabic language in a scientific and reliable way.
2-      Support of Linguistic Research: Tools for searching and extracting information in an easy way for the researcher of linguistic phenomena.
3-      Facilitating the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence: To build intelligent tools and lexical-based computer models.