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Educational Programs

-       Exchange Visits
o   Exchange visits with organizations, unions and bodies interested in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers to establish partnerships with them and to display the services of the Academy in general and the education sector in particular, and to hold meetings with officials of Arabic language institutes and departments abroad.

-       International Conferences
o   Holding an international conference in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and language tests. The conference includes presentations for postgraduate students and an accompanying exhibition on second language teaching equipment, and deals with the latest findings in second language teaching and tools.

-       Educational Youtube Channel
o   An educational channel specialized in providing videos to teach Arabic to non-native speakers targeting multiple categories of learners of all ages and different nationalities. It offers free education and aims to develop language skills (listening, speaking, writing, reading) according to an attractive educational style.

-       Workshops
o   Offering workshops to raise the level of learning and teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers in all its fields, while providing ways and acquiring new skills and opportunities, which are presented by specialists internally and externally.

-       Diploma in Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages
o   It includes building standards for the skills of teachers of Arabic to non-native speakers and the appropriate mechanisms to measure teachers’ mastery of those skills when building a professional program, which aims to:
§  Provide these skills for teachers who have no previous experience.
§  Develop those skills for teachers with limited experience, and award a certificate in the name of the Academy for those who meet the requirements of the program.

-       Holding Seminars
o   Internal and external seminars on teaching and learning Arabic for non-native speakers.