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Establishing International Centers for Teaching Arabic and Spreading Saudi and Arab Culture

In this project, the Academy aims to create, integrate and develop centers for teaching Arabic to native speakers around the world. The project began by studying the current situation regarding institutes and centers for teaching Arabic around the world, and the countries in which there is an urgent need to create or develop educational institutes in them and preparing comparative studies with bodies similar to the Academy that seek to spread their languages ​​and cultures, to find out the most prominent strengths and weaknesses in those organizations, challenges, and opportunities for success. The Academy has also worked on preparing a comprehensive strategy for the success of the project, based on a study of the current situation, benchmarking, and covering aspects of activating the centers, managing them, sustaining them, marketing, and so on. The Academy is also currently working on the final procedures to start work in two centers (local and international) that will be the first centers affiliated with the Academy, and other centers will follow.