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King Salman Academy Hackathon in Arabic Language Processing

Among the initiatives sought by the Computational Linguistics sector is the establishment of events that contribute to investing expertise, and coordinating efforts to enrich research, development and innovation in the field of Arabic language computing, including the establishment of a hackathon for Arabic language processing, which aims to solve current problems in language computing, and develop technologies currently used, with the participation of unlimited groups of researchers, experts and hobbyists in those fields, which contributes to the rapid development of these technologies and applications and enhances the chances of benefiting from them in more advanced research and applications.

Hackathon Objectives:
1.       Supporting Research and Innovation: Devising effective solutions and digital initiatives to enhance technology use in Arabic language subjects.
2.       International Participation: Strengthening the Kingdom’s international presence in the field of Arabic language processing.
3.       An effective community: Building close relationships between researchers and those interested in Arabic language processing and promoting collective synergy.

Hackathon Areas:
·         Automated processing of Arabic language.
·         Building and developing Arabic linguistic data.
·         Supporting the Arabic language in public software libraries and open sources.

Target Audience:
A. Male and female students in Saudi, Gulf, Arab and international universities.
B. Researchers in the field of Arabic language processing, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.
C. Language processing startups.
D. The general public who has a passion for serving the Arabic language.