About us

About us

The Academy is established by the Council of Ministers decree number (34) and date 01/13/1442 H corresponding to 1 September 2020. It aims to contribute to strengthening the role of the Arabic language regionally and globally, and to highlight its value in expressing the linguistic depth of Arabic and Islamic culture. Its initiatives were launched within the Human Capability Development Program, one of the programs that aims to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


Leadership and global authority in the service of the Arabic language.


Serving the Arabic language globally, enhancing its civilizational, scientific and cultural contribution, and its capabilities by various means.

Strategic Pillars:

Strengthening National Identity

Increasing the level of use, mastery, and original content in the Arabic language to enhance the sense of belonging and national identity.

Cultural Exchange

Increasing the spread of Arab content, arts, media and improve cultural exchange in the world and to put the location of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arab on the culture map of the world.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Preserving the integrity of the Arabic language; supporting its spoken and written word; examining its eloquence, origins, methods, vocabulary, and rules; facilitating its learning and teaching inside and outside the Kingdom; staying abreast with every change in all spheres of the Arabic language. 
  2. Unifying the scientific authority internally regarding the Arabic language and its sciences and working to achieve this externally.
  3. Achieving the appropriate environment for the development and consolidation of the Arabic language.
  4. Work to spread the use of the Arabic language, monitoring the soundness of its uses in various fields.
  5. Reviving the heritage of the Arabic language by studying, editing, and publishing.
  6. Working on reviewing and publishing linguistic studies and references.
  7. Encouraging scholars, researchers, and specialists of the Arabic language.

Towards Vision 2030:

We are proud of our Saudi, Arab and Islamic cultural and historical heritage. We realize the importance of preserving it to enhance national unity and consolidate authentic Arab and Islamic values. Our country is known throughout history by its ancient civilization and its commercial roads that linked together the civilizations of the world. This bestowed on it a cultural diversity and unique depth. Therefore, we will preserve, highlight our national identity, and pass it on to our future generations, by instilling national principles and values; taking care of education of Arabic language; setting up museums and events and organizing activities that promote this aspect.